Consultation Services to Meet Your Needs

Whether you are brand-new to homeschooling OR you’ve hit a bump in your educational journey, Hand In Hand Homeschool is here to help. With 20-years of homeschooling experience – including homeschooling her kids from kindergarten to college, in addition to 15-years of conducting educational testing, attending IEP meetings, and working as an educational advocate, you can trust Alessa Giampaolo Keener, M.Ed. to help you along your educational journey.

Hand In Hand Homeschool offers one-time consultations for parents who have focused questions and need a professional opinion. We can help you answer a variety of questions, including:

  • Resolving lingering concerns about how you’ll make homeschooling work for your family
  • Knowing what you should teach at different grade levels
  • Selecting appropriate curriculum that matches your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses
  • Grading writing assignments
  • Meeting the needs of your gifted or 2E child
  • Translating your child’s IEP goals into a homeschool action plan
  • Preparing a portfolio for your first county homeschool review
  • Creating and maintaining a homeschool high school transcript
  • Re-enrolling your child into public school
  • Advocating for transfer of high school credit from your homeschool program

We also offer on-going mentoring and support throughout the year for families looking for additional help.

Choose Your Consultation Package


  • 30-min Tele-Conference


  • 60-min Tele-Conference
  • Email Follow-up


  • Intake Form
  • 60-min Tele-Conference
  • Comprehensive Follow-up
  • 2-week Post Follow-up


Payment for One-Time Consultation Services is accepted by way of credit card or PayPal. Payment must be made in full prior to the Tele-Conference.

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