About Alessa

Alessa homeschooled her two children from Kindergarten into college. Throughout her years of homeschooling, she embraced a child-led learning approach, with an emphasis on social-emotional development and community-based learning. With a Masters in Education from Johns Hopkins University; a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Lehigh University, and a Certificate in Special Education Advocacy from the William & Mary Law School, Alessa is uniquely qualified and trained to provide educational testing, curricular support, and general consultations to families.

WISC-V Subtests

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The WISC-V IQ test is a series of individual subtests that are administered to a student in a specific order. Generally, 10 subtests are given to a child in order to obtain 5 Index Scores and a Full Scale IQ score. Read more...

Clinical Psychology

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Teaching Psychological Disorders & Treatments With Movies Core Concepts to Cover: Classifying disorders: DSM-V Major categories of disorders: Anxiety, dissociative, mood, personality, schizophrenia Major approaches to psychotherapy: Psychoanalysis, behavioristic, humanistic, cognitive, group, pharmacological Evaluating therapeutic Read more...


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Teach Learning Theories With Movies Core Concepts to Cover: Classical conditioning: Pavlov, Watson, stimuli and responses, Operant conditioning: Thorndike, Skinner, reinforcements and punishment Cognitive-Social Learning: Kohler, Tolman, Bandura Aggression and avoidance behaviors Learned helplessness Biofeedback Read more...